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A Sky Pirate wielding a cutlass

A Cutlass is a type of Sword common associated with acts of piracy. As such, it is used commonly by both Sea pirates and Sky pirates. Even in the modern ages, Cutlass's appear to be the go-to-swords for all pirates of sea and sky, as well as treasure hunters ad adventurers. Perhaphs the most famous Cutlass use is Captain Hoofbeard, a famous pirate and adventurer who now spends his days exploring the seas to help Princess Twilight fill out the Bestiary of Equestria.


Cutlass's presumably go back quite some years, but the earliest known instance of Cutlass use is quite recent. It is assumed that Captain Hoofbeard used Cutlass's in his early adventures across the sea. In more recent years, Cutlass's remain the dominant weapon used by Pirates far over. Many pirates in Ye Be Warned saloon were seen brandishing their own cutlass. Cutlass's are also the most popular sword in us by Sky pirate teams such as Captain Celaeno's crew.

Rainbow Dash used a cutlass on at least two occasions. First as her venture as a pirate when she found the Mares of the Apocalypse while on Gallopingghost Island and second in the Battle for Canterlot when she had the help of Captain Celaeno. Likewise, the rest of the Pirates of Sky and Sea used cutlasses in their battles against the Storm Minions, dominating the hapless soldiers.


Cutlass swords have become a iconic aspect of "pirate lore", and as such, are featured heavily inn romanstized pirate artwork and motifs. Rainbow Dash owned her own cutlass as a homage to the lifestyle she admired so much. Other ponies, such as Rarity and even Twilight Sparkle seemed to admire the image of the cutlass in their own way and employed them in their own battles, most notably the Mutiny of the Salty Sea Mare.

Users of cutlasses have been described as nimble and vigorous.


Cutlass's are long swords with a flat, slightly curved blade. Many cutass's are further customized by their owner in order to mae them personalized. The customization tend to be centered around the hilt of the blade and its armguard.





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