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Throne of Chaos
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The Throne of Chaos, also known simply as Chaos is a throne conjured by Discord during his reigns of terror on Equestria. It most recently came into existence in Ponyville.


In other media

In My Little Pony: Magic Princess, the throne serves as a residence in Ponyville.



The house is a large, magical structure containing two floating "islands" with stock Ponyville housings with one upside down. In between the two contains Discord's throne, and beneath it, a pair of 3-D sunglasses and a painting of Fluttershy.



  • Accord didn't live long enough in the comics to ever really have a house. While the chronology of his life was brief, it appeared to be no more than a few hours, most of which was spent with the company of others, or controlling the masses, never relaxing, or even being, at any sort of house he could call his own.


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