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The Crusaders

The Cutie Mark Crusaders, also known as Crusaders or CMCs for short are a group of young Ponies and one Griffon with an enthusiasm for Cutie Marks. The club was originally formed for "Blank Flanks", young Ponies who had not received their Cutie Mark and were in search of it. Later, the original trio of Crusaders became dedicated to helping other Ponies receive their Cutie Marks or come to understand the meaning of the marks they already possessed.



Later history

In the following years after the final battles<, the Crusaders all got jobs at the School of Friendship as teachers,[1] teaching various aspects of friendship and creativity.[2] They still went on adventures, though it appeared that adventures came to them rather than them heeding the call. During the coronation-iversary, they somehow time traveled back to when they were still children and managed to show their younger selves the fine ladies they would become.[3]

Scootaloo apparently developed an older-sister type relationship with Big Sugar, referring to herself as his "big sis".[3]


Ponyville Branch

Manehattan Branch

In other media


See: Cutie Mark Crusaders (IDW) and Cutie Mark Crusaders (Mirror universe)

My Little Pony (Gameloft)

The Cutie Mark Crusaders are a collection in Gameloft's mobile game, consisting of the original Ponyville branch members and Babs Seed.

Equestria Girls

In the Equestria Girls continuity, the CMC are named the Canterlot Movie Club and try to become famous together.


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