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Two Kirin actors, portraying a scene in which the Kirin who hid below an opera stage spies upon the Opera Singer

An actor, or actress is a female, is a profession in which an individual pretends to be another person for the sake of a play, television show, film or other piece of media. An actor is similar to a comedian, and sometimes the fields may intersect, but they are distinctly different careers. Likewise, clowns, at least in classical plays, often doubled as actors. An actor who does voice over is a voice actor.



Clover's sister and brother-in-law, Meadowlark and Cheval were two play actors who invited her to play the role of a "Send in the Clown".

Friendship is Magic

While performance theater dated back over a thousand years, the history of acting itself was fairly obscure. Princess Celestia always wanted to be an actor.[1]

Equestria Girls

A major film studio was located in Canterlot, and thus several individuals acted in films there.



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