Blue Topaz

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Blue Topaz being distrustful

Blue Topaz was a major character in Dragons on Dazzle Island. He was the fist citizen of Dazzle Island who Spike and Fluttershy met.


A native of Dazzle Island, Blue Topaz was angry over the prolonged curse of the Windegos and the stay of the Dazzle Island Dragons, but retained a mostly friendly attitude towards those around him. He greeted Fluttershy and Spike as if they were friends and guided them while they stayed on Dazzle Island. He appeared to be distrustful towards Dragons, but had a big heart and helped warm the eggs, ensuring a safe hatching. Despite only knowing them for a few hours, Blue Topaz considered Spike and Fluttershy to be good fiends by the time they departed.


Blue Topaz was a large and physically stout Earth-Pony stallion with a wild, corona-shaded mane that isn't unlike Rainbow Dash's.


Blue Topaz was friendly and caring, but angry at the situation he was left with.


Blue Topaz appeared to become good friends with Ruby Redheart and helped he hatch the dragons. He also considered Spike and Fluttershy to be good fiends of his and saw them off.


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