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Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesUmbrum  • Fairy-like Umbrum (formerly)
True Umbrum
ResidenceShadow Prison, World of Darkness
FamilyDaughter: Ira
Sombra (possible son)
Real world
Fiendship is Magic issue 1
My Little Pony: Magic Princess

Rabia was an Umbrum and the mother of Ira and (presumably) Sombra.


Rabia-if it was indeed Rabia-spoke to Sombra through the crystal that served as a gateway to the Shadow Prison. She informed him of his true identity and mission, and then unlocked his Umbrum powers so he could carry it out.

In the guise of a fairy-like Umbrum, Rabia befriended Radiant Hope at some point in the distant past, but after the unicorn brought Princess Cadance to the Shadow Prison, her true form was revealed to be a grotesque creature. Rabia was particularly annoyed with Hope over the incident, blaming her for the exposure of her deception. She chased the two mares through the prison as the other Umbrum attempted to ambush them.


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Behind the scenes

Rabia first appeared by name in "The Siege of the Crystal Empire" - Part III though she may well have been Sombra’s unseen mother to whom he spoke in Fiendship is Magic issue 1. She was the most prominent of the Umbrum, and Sombra seems to have paid heed to her without much protest prior to turning against the Umbrum.


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