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The role-playing club

Role-playing is the hobby in which individuals pretend to be other people, often for the sake of a game or group activity. It an be seen as analogous to acting in that regard, though is often recreational in nature. Role-playing games (RPGs) and similar activities have been prominent in My Little Pony since the fourth generation.


The first known instance of role-playing in My Little Pony occurred in the neigh... anything storyline than ran from September to October 2012 (Friendship is Magic #11-12), a romance story about how Shining Armor and Princess Cadance fell in love, which partly revolved around Shining Armor's role-playing group.

In 2017, River Horse Games announced their My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria series of tabletop RPGs, which released in early 2018 and would receive publications until 2021. In 2022, Renegade Games took up the mantle to release their own series of My Little Pony RPGs.

Because of the close proximity between the My Little Pony and Dungeons and Dragons brands, a number of stories involving role-playing games began to pop up in later stories, such as "Dungeons and Discords" and "Live-Action Role-Pony".

Characters, races and classes

Typically, a player takes control of a character of their creation and plays as them throughout the storyline (or "campaign"). These characters are often assigned various a class and race to determine their background, statistics, abilities, equipment, etc. A list of known characters are of the following:

Character Player Race Class Party Level Ref
Garbunkle Spike Dragon Enchanter Garbunkle's party 30 [1]
Sir McBiggun Big McIntosh Unicorn, Human? Black Knight Garbunkle's party 27 [1][2]
Captain Wuzz Discord Draconequus Archer Garbunkle's party ? [1]
Glimmerlight Twilight Sparkle Unicorn Mage Mystical Majestic Mares 2 [3]
Recker Rainbow Dash Pegasus Fighter Mystical Majestic Mares 2 [3]
Shadowdance Fluttershy Pegasus Rogue Mystical Majestic Mares 2 [3]
Calamity Applejack Earth Pony Ranger Mystical Majestic Mares 2 [3]
Rarity Rarity Unicorn Cleric Mystical Majestic Mares 2 [3]
The Prince Bulk Biceps Pegasus ? None ? [3]
Mystaria N/A Earth Pony Wizard Elements of Harmony ? [4]
Shadow Star N/A Earth Pony Rogue Elements of Harmony ? [4]
Valor Stronghoof N/A Earth Pony Barbarian Elements of Harmony ? [4]
Spinner Talltail N/A Earth Pony Bard Elements of Harmony ? [4]
Woodheart the Kind N/A Earth Pony Druid Elements of Harmony ? [4]
Unidentified Applejack ? Black Knight Role-playing club ? [2]
Unidentified Snips Elf? ? Role-playing club ? [2]
Unidentified Snails Dwarf? Barbarian? Role-playing club ? [2]
Unidentified Trixie Lulamoon ? Wizard? Role-playing club ? [2]

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