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River Horse is a British game design company specializing in tabletop games. According to Alessio Cavatore, the company became interested in designing games for My Little Pony after he watched My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic with his daughters and finding himself enjoying it more than he expected, which lead them to create the Tails of Equestria sub-franchise.[1]

The company used to host a series on their website called "Creature Feature" that had fans (typically children) design creatures to be displayed on their site and possibly be featured in their works, though some of later creatures were created by the company's own artists, and in some occasions, were their established characters.

Notable employees include the aforementioned Alessio Cavatore and Jack Caesar.

The company attended PonyCon, 2022. In addition to their main site, they sell PDFs of their games through DriveThru RPG.


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