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Mount Rainier and Reflection Lake

Northwest Equestria is a region of Equestria located on the northern section of Western Equestria. While Western Equestria is characterized by a rugged, plains-like terrain, North-West Equestria is a well-forested land with tall mountains. However, the borders between the two regions are nearly non-existent, as the stereotypical plains appear to start as soon as the forests end.

The region is home to Mount Monument, a great structure. At some point, Queen Chrysalis infatuated Northwest Equestria to make a petition to get her face on the monument as well. As far as we know, the petition failed.

Places of interest

  • Reflection Lake & Mount Rainier: Two real-world places located near each other. The Mane Six befriended Marina within their area.

Behind the scenes

Like most of the geographical regions of Equestria, Northwest Equestria is based off a region in the United States of America. This time, the pacific North West with elements of the Dakotas as well. Mount Monument is an obvious reference to Mount Rushmore, while Mount Rainier, Reflection Lake and Puget Sound are both real places within the region.



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