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Era of Princess Celestia


"Even before I came here, I wasn't very close to my family."
— Sunset Shimmer[source]

Sunset grew up in Equestria, presumably Canterlot as a Unicorn. She wasn't very close to her parents,[1] nor did she have any real friends. She gained a reputation as a foal for being haughty, arrogant, "not nice" and generally awful to others. Even her master and possibly only real friend, Princess Celestia, grew tired and angry of her actions. In many ways, er childhood reflected that of Twilight Sparkle's, with the biggest difference being Twilight was humble and kind, while Sunset was arrogant and mean-spirited. Despite this, Celestia claimed that at one point, she saw compassion and sincerity in Sunset's personality.[2]

Prophecy of the dark alicorn

File:ANNUAL2013 Princess Sunset.png
Mirror mirror on the wall...
Princess Celestia: "Look into this mirror and tell me what you see."
Sunset Shimmer: "A beautiful pony that has nothing but power and potential."
Princess Celestia: "Care to try that again with our talk about humility taken into account?"
Sunset Shimmer: "I see a pony who isn't powerful enough. Somepony who could be great, powerful...somepony that could rule Equestria."
―Sunset Shimmer and Princess Celestia[source]

Sunset's last days in Canterlot were not very pleasant for anyone. She was educated at Princess Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns around the same time as Moon Dancer, Lyra Heartstrings, Minuette, Twinkleshine, Lemon Hearts and a young Twilight Sparkle. While at a magic demonstration, Sunset made a Bonsai tree grow to the size of Canterlot Castle. Basking in the praise of her supervisors in the ruins of the room, Sunset was proud and content of her work.[3]

Afterwards, the aforementioned ponies she went to school with praised her and asked her to eat lunch with them. Sunset absolutely rejected their offer and went about her own day. News of Sunset's behavior spread and before long, Celestia herself tried to confront her about it. Deciding to do a little exercise, Celestia used a mirror to see Sunset's projection of herself. At first, the projection was a beautiful and powerful pony, but the projection soon rot into a dark, wrathful pony who sought only to control others. Seemingly snapping out of a trance of sorts, even Sunset was mortified by what she saw in herself, but grew ever curious.[4]

For the next several weeks, Sunset kept pestering Celestia about the mirror, growing obsessed with it. She eventually snapped and decided to take matters in her own hooves. She broke into the Dark magic library, studying boos such as the Necronomicon and books of forbidden history. After a librarian noticed her presence, Princess Celestia was soon alerted of what she was doing.[5]

With the presence of two Royal Guards, Celestia confronted her pupil. The two blew up at each other and in the argument, Celestia deemed Sunset to no longer be worthy to be her student. She ordered her guards to escort her out, but Sunset defeated the guards without even trying and finally jumped into the mirror she was so obsessed with, tansporting her to the world of humanity.[6]

Devil of Canterlot High

Sunset in Freshman year...even though Snips and Snails wouldn't have been in high school back in. Continuity is a mess

In her Freshman year, Sunset was awarded the "Biggest Meanie" award in the CHS Yearbook by an unanimous vote. In the same year, she met Wallflower Blush, but the two didn't get to know each other to well.[7] Over the course of the next few years, Sunset would "run" for the posistion of the Fall Formal Princess at least three times, and won them all. During this time, she eventually began to date Flash Sentry, but the two broke up before a little before Twilight Sparkle's arrival into their world. Although very mean and a huge bully, Sunset was aware of her underlining morality, being disgusted later when people though she was going to hurt animals, like Spike.

Era of Twilight

Friends forever

Tasked with writing a story, Sunset Shimmer decided to direct an interview each of her friends about their histories together before she caused them to drift apart with her manipulation. She was touched by their kindness and love for each other. Afterwards, she had more than enough material for her story.[8]

The Dazzlings

Anon-a-Miss incident

Friendship Games

Everfree legends

Memory stone

Rollercoaster of Friendship=

Last days of school

At Canterlot mall, Sunset Shimmer eagerly lined up for the release of the video gameTirek's Revenge, the sequel to Rise of Tirek. Unbeknownst to her, though, she was at the end of a very, very long line. While waiting, Sunset got on her phone and was promptly subjected to the good-natured, but annoying antics of Sandalwood, but soon she was greeted by her friends one-by-one. Eventually, the gang waited in line until they could finally purchase a copy of the video game. By the time they reached the Game store, the game had sold-out, though bummed, Sunset was glad she could spend time with her friends. Thankfully, Pinkie Pie pre-ordered a copy already and the group of friends went home to play a game together.[9]

=Further adventures

Possible futures

In some timeline, Sunset Shimmer was trapped in a permanent timeloop, forced to spend eternity with Kiwi Lollipop and Supernova Zap, eating sushi for all of time.[10]


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