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Heath Burns
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My Little Pony: Equestria Girls

Heath Burns is a student at Canterlot High School and member of the Athlete clique, alongside Teddy, Tennis Match, Curly Winds and Cloudy Kicks.


Heath is an athlete through and through, with his game of choice appearing to be Baseball, given his tendency to carry around baseball bats. This is in contrast with his friends, who all appear to be in more contact sports, with the possible exception of Curly, who seems to be more into general muscle gains. Although he seems to be very friendly, he didn't pay Fluttershy any mind when she was looking for volunteers for the Animal Shelter. This didn't appear to be ut of apathy, however, as he was just more caught up in his conversation with Tennis. He regularly ate lunch with his fellow athletes and together, they all appeared to be a close bunch of friends.[1]

When he and Teddy came across the Equestria Girls rebuilding the gym after Snips and Snails trashed it in order to frame Twilight Sparkle and delay the Fall Forma, the two athletes decided to help out. Using their natural strength, they initially decided to help by lifting and moving heavy objects like tables, but they soon realize they're out of their depth when Applejack carries a table by herself. Later, Heath takes up the job of rearranging the room, putting stuff like a punch bowl where it should be. When the fruits of their labor paid off and they put the Fall Formal back on scheldule, Heath rejoiced with his fellow students.[1]

Later, during the formal, Heath didn't appear to have any sort of date. He also wore a noticeably more modest attire than some students, just wearing a suit with no modification to his hair. After the ensuing chaos and kidnapping of Spike, Heath showed a heroic side of his personality by ushering in students into the school as a battle raged on. After the last student, Norman, was in, he closed the doors. Notably, his much larger friend, Teddy, ran in panic during this. In spite of his good deeds, Heath was eventually mind-controlled by Sunset Shimmer, who had turned into a demon with the Element of Magic. After the battle ended, Heath was presumably among the students who returned to the dance.[1]

Heath at some point attended Rock Talks with Maud at the Natural History Museum, and found it very dull.[2]


Like the other athletes, Heath is shown to be friendly and helpful. He seems to try to lend a helping hand when he can, but is prone to the same degree of apathy as most teenagers are, rolling his eyes at things he perceives as boring, such as Rock Talks with Maud. Heath is by far the least muscular male athlete in the school, being much skinnier than Curly or Teddy and appears to be generally around the same bulk as Tennis and Cloudy.

Behind the scenes

Heath first appeared in My Little Pony: Equestria Girls as a generic background character who sometimes appeared multiple times in single shots. He is also one of the many students of Canterlot High School to yet to receive either a voice, or even a name and has yet to play any major role in any film. Unlike most background characters, Heath has arguably yet been defined as a character in any noteworthy way, outside of his noticeably kind and heroic actions through the first film.


Heath Burns is a fan name derived from the character of the same name from Monster High, which he resembles. Another Equestria Girls character with a fan name derived from another fictional character is Brawly Beats, who may be named after Brawly from Pokemon.


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