Equestria Girls: Wondercolts Forever: The Diary of Celestia and Luna

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Equestria Girls: Wondercolts Forever: The Diary of Celestia and Luna is a book based off the Equestria Girls franchise and is set within its universe.

Publishers summary

Head back to Canterlot High School with Luna and Celestia in this replica of the teenage sisters' journal! Read their firsthand accounts and discover Canterlot High from the young girls' points of view. Walk the hallways, attend some classes, and take part in the Mane Event!


Celestia entry #1

Celestia wrote about how she's in her last year of school at CHS and while she feels oddly calm about it, no longer having to look up to any higher up students and instead is the one others talk about, but is also sad that she'll miss seeing Luna grow up through school. Celestia also talked about her friend, Windy Winters, a kind and helpful girl who looked after Luna and helped her fit in.

Luna entry #1

Being busy, Luna hasn't had much time to write in the diary, but she managed to make time. Luna wrote about how she felt so nervous, believing herself to be generally more introverted than her sister, and how her sister had such an impressive history at the school. Nonetheless, she managed to make friends, Seasons and Galaxy. She later wrote about how she planned to enter the musical, A Light in Time and briefly mentioned the private school, Crystal Prep Academy.

Celestia entry #2

In her next entry, Celestia mentioned how, even though she's enjoying soccer club, she can't help but notice how everyone is going easy on her. If she ran Windy told her she should run for CHS Class President, replacing Cherry Bloom, the last one, which Celestia instantly jumped at. She also wrote about how intense the debate team was getting.

Luna entry #2

Luna made so many new friends, that she almost forgot her old ones. She reminisced about her old friend, Night Sky, who went to Crystal Prep Academy. Though a little sad, she was excited about the upcoming first annual Friendship Games organized by Principal Potts and Principal Cinch.









  • Celestia used to be on the debate, archery and soccer clubs.
  • Luna had to attend a Guidance Councilor due to her introverted behavior.
  • Luna enjoyed acting, or at least the thought of it.
  • Celestia ran for class president


  • Celestia was in her last year of school while Luna was a Freshman, meaning Celestia is probably about four years older than her sister.
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