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Rarity has, in the course of various adventures and misadventures, taken on a number of different forms.



Crystal Pony

Dark Changeling


Elrond was a persona taken up by Rarity who traveled along the Rainbowettes as they traversed over twenty-five pages in order to get to Mt. Worm in the land of Mordor after Pinkie Pie became the "Story Queen". Elrond teamed up with Gandalf, Boromir and Bilbo as they traveled to Mt. Worm in order to stop Bookworm. However, after an entire 25-pages of walking, they encountered a group of Zombies called the "Zed Heads". However, Bilbo and Gandalf took them out with their Rainbow Vision. Afterwards, Elrond was abducted to a spaceship and became an astronaut instead.


Behind the scenes

Elrond is a fictional character from the Middle-earth saga of books.



Nightmare Rarity



Nosfurarity was the Vampire Pony form of Rarity, assumed in order to battle the Living Apples who sought to conquer Equestria.

Personality and traits

Nosfurarity is very similar in appearance to Rarity but has bat wings, tufted ears, red eyes, and fangs. She wears a black cape with red lining and a white lace ruff at the color with a diamond shaped broach. Her cutie mark also changes so that instead of three diamonds, it consists of three stylized open mouths with vampire fangs.

Behind the scenes

Nosfurarity's name is a play on nosferatu, the Romanian word for vampire; Nosferatu is also the title an infamous black-and-white vampire film. Despite being named for Count Orlok, her design has more in common with traditional depictions of Dracula, that is, wearing regal attire and having a royal demeanor. Ironically, Orlock was initially supposed to be Dracula, but due to copyright laws, his name had to be changed.

Queen Rarity

"...But Spike, don't you want to be my king? Forever...then you will serve me, and only me."
— Rarity to Spike[source]

"Queen Rarity" was an alter-ego and disguise taken up by Nightmare Rarity in order to trick Spike into abandoning his friends. While Spike was on his way to rescue is friends from the clutches of Nightmare Rarity and the creatures of the Moon, he was stopped by Queen Rarity, who wished to seduce Spike with promises of love and a royal life. While Spike truly wanted her affection and dreamed of marrying her, he knew saving his friends were more important and quickly realized that the alterego was a fraud.


Although Queen Rarity appeared to be sweet and good-natured like the original Rarity, she was in actuality manipulative and callous, not caring for any of Rarity's friends and tossed them aside. Essentially, Queen Rarity was just a front for Nightmare Rarity and thus has much of her personality, that of being cruel and uncaring.


  • Illusion Creation: Queen Rarity was capable of making an illusion that made a dreary room appear to look like a colorful, royal quarters.




Together with the other members of the Mane Six, Rarity briefly became a Seapony after Queen Novo used the Pearl of Transformation on them.



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