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Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
NationalityInfernal Lands
FamilyTirek (brother)
Gram-Gram (grandmother)

Scorpan is a male Gargoyle and the brother of Tirek; both of them were princes of the Infernal Lands as the children of the Centaur King Vorak and the Gargoyle Queen Haydon.


The polar opposite of his Centaur brother, Scorpan was typically a loving and obedient child, who tried to dissuade Tirek from bad actions though without informing their parents of his activities. On one such occasion, the two traveled into the Nether Lands, where Tirek met with Sendak the Elder and used his magic to silence Scorpan. The pair were later summoned back to the family castle, where Scorpan interrupted a discussion between their parents about Tirek's behavior. Later that night, Tirek sneaked out of the castle and back to Sendak's cave, where he attempted to drain the magic of a Unicorn Sendak had captured from Equestria but failed. Returning home, he wouldn't tell Scorpan where he had been, and despite Scorpan's counsel lied to Vorak about his whereabouts.[1]

Some time before the Pony of Shadows was banished, the two brothers traveled to Equestria so that Tirek could realize his dream of claiming all pony magic for himself. After befriending Starswirl the Bearded seeing the way the ponies lived, however, Scorpan tried to dissuade Tirek from his evil path. Tirek refused, and so Scorpan alerted Princesses Celestia and Luna to his plans. Tirek was stopped and imprisoned in Tartarus, and Scorpan left Equestria to return home, leaving his brother a medallion in memory of their former bond. Over a thousand years later, Tirek would pass it on to Discord as a token of their alliance, only to betray him later and inform him that the medallion meant as little to him as his brother had.

Tirek's treachery would be his undoing, however, as the medallion would be passed from a repentant Discord to Twilight Sparkle, becoming the final key to the Chest of Harmony and the Rainbow Power that was used to defeat Tirek. Some time later, one Hearth's Warming Eve, Discord would use the phrase "Oh, for Scorpan's sake!", in a similar fashion to the way ponies use the names of Celestia, Luna, or Star Swirl. On another occasion, he was mentioned by Mudbriar in response to a Trivia Trot question related to Tirek.

In other realities

Eris' dimension

A villainous incarnation of Scorpan was seen in the Chaos Casino in the Chaos Roadhouse alongside his brother, Tirek.[2]


  • At one point, My Little Pony: The Movie was to have featured a prologue scene in which the Staff of Sacanas was taken from an aged Scorpan by the Storm King. This scene ultimately did not make the final film, and it is unknown whether it could be considered canon.



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