Fiendship is Magic issue 2

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Dates April 2015
Artist Tony Fleecs
Writer Christina Rice
Colorist Unknown
Letterer Neil Uyetake
Cover(s) Amy Mebberson (Cover A)
Sara Richards (Variant)
Editor Bobby Curnow

FIENDship is Magic issue 2 is a issue in the My Little Pony: FIENDship is Magic line of comics. It stars Tirek at the start of his rise of power.



Tirek’s mad quest for power starts here!


Tirek skips supper to visit Sendak the Elder, a powerful but wicked sorcerer as Scorpan tags along. Together, the two visit the sorceror in his home as they discover that he had kidnapped a unicorn from Equestria. The tw travel back home, where Tirek is scolded by their father and Scorpan is cuddled by their mother. Angry at this, Tirek runs away back to Sendak's home and attempts to steal the magic of the unicorn, but the two get in a fight that ends up collapsing Sendak's home. As the elder Centaur awakes to see this, he is crushed by the rubble and begs Tirek for assistance, to which the younger centaur ignores and runs off.

Back at the castle, Vorak and a group of possible advisors or councilors deal with the diplomatic implications of such an event, planning to escort the unicorn back to Equestria. When Tirek gets back, he has another fight with his father and determines that he will become 'indominable'.




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