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A river is a natural landmark of flowing, typically fresh water that flows from lakes and oceans.


Many early civilizations were built alongside rivers, such as the ancient Egyptians, who built the Pyramids on the Nile. In Equestria, settlements such as High Desert created artificial rivers in order to presumably help grow their crops and also serve as natural barriers against threats like Lumber Bears. The great city of Canterlot was built on a mountain overlooking a long, flowing river.

List of rivers

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Lakes Marigold Lake • Paradise Lake • Puget Sound • Reflection Lake • Royal Lake • Sparkling Lake • Tranquility Lake
Rivers Autumn Run River • Canter Creek • Canterlot River • Everclear River • Great Valley River • Guto River • Hatchaway Falls • Kelpie Keep • Nile • Stable Rapids • Sunny River
Beaches Basalt Beach • Beach town • Horseshoe Bay • Luna Bay • Skeleton Dragon • Slug Troll Swamp • Podunk beach • Summertime beach
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