Flash Drive

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"Play Johnny B Goode!"

Flash Drive[1] is a band formed by Flash Sentry



Flash Sentry probably founded the band and he appears to be the face of it. The performance history of the band is largely unknown, but they performed at the Fall Formal where they were cheered on by the entire crowd.[2]

Sometime later, they entered the Battle of the Bands where they faced off against several other bands such as Trixie and the Illusions, The Rainbooms and MC Snips and Snazzy Snails.[3]

Now with Sandalwood joining their ranks, they played in front a small, but decent sized audience of Canterlot High School students when one of Micro Chips robots attacked. In the chaos, Flash Sentry sprung to help the Equestria Girls in any way he could.[4]


Though they're rarely seen hanging out, they seem to care about each other. Brawly Beats seemed incredibly worried for Flash when he ran towards the monstrous robot.[4]



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