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Hercules was a Greek demi-god and a member of the Legends.


Hercules had many adventures in ancient Greece, the only known ones of which involved cleaning. He went to the Aegean Sea to clean stables at one point.

He was among the first Legends to enter Ponyland from the Land of Legends, after Robin Hood, his Merry Men, Prince Charming and Scheherazade. In Ponyland, he was quick to befriend the ponies, and though he meant well, his obsession with cleaning Paradise Express. When he finally finished, he insisted on cleaning the bottom of the estate too, but as he picked it up, his strengh began to fade. Around this time, the super abilities of all the Legends began to diminish, as they were no longer in the Land of Legends.

Around this time, the Dragon Beast began to rampage around Ponyland. He tried to save his new friends, but it soon became clear that the Beast was actually kind-hearted and lonely. He still didn't like him yet, though. Though he had to return, he grew to love Ponyland and didn't want to go, but was eventually convinced. He didn't want to go back to the Land of Legends with the Beast until he eventually realized how good-natured the beast finally was.


Although he's obviously based off the Greek hero, his name uses the Roman spelling instead. The Greek spelling was "Heracles".


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