Frankenstag's monster

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Frankenstag's monster
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Unicorn
NationalityEquestrian (fictional)
FamilyDoctor Frankenstag
Bridle of Frankenstag (love interest?)
Real world
"From the Shadows" - Part II

"Actually? I'm Frankenstag's monster."
— Frankenstag's monster[source]

Frankenstag's monster is the primary antagonistic force in the book Frankenstag by Marey Spelley.


He was created by Doctor Frankenstag in his goals to create life, but something happened and he revolted. After his initial adventures, he returned in "The Bridle of Frankenstag", a horror story where he apparently destroyed an entire village by smashing it. He has an unknown, but likely romantic or unrequited romantic relationship with the titular Bridle of Frankenstag. After Shadow Lock summoned him out of his book, he began to smash the Public Library of an unidentified village where he got into a short-lived fight with Applejack. Despite his brutish appearance, he appears to be intelligent and even has a polite speaking pattern, but still has violent tendencies.

He does not like fire. Fire bad.


Behind the scenes

Frankenstag's monster is an obvious play on Frankenstein's monster, and his design is modeled on the famous Universal Pictures version of the character portrayed by Boris Karloff. His noting that he is "Frankenstag's monster" when he is addressed as Frankenstag also references a common Frankenstein trope, in which the name Frankenstein is-by some views incorrectly-applied to the creature rather than his creator. However, the surname is often considered applicable through the monster's status as the "son" of Victor Frankenstein; similarly, the name Frankenstag could be applied to the monster Dr. Frankenstag created.

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