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Template:Animation Cheer You On is an episode and song featured in the second season of Equestria Girls. Flash Sentry sings about how even though he may not contribute to the Equestria Girls' heroics, he'll always cheer them on, no matter what.

This article is for the episode, for the song, see Cheer You On (song)


Flash Sentry and the rest of Flash Drive, now sporting a new member Sandalwood, start a concert about their respect and admiration for the Equestria Girls when one of Micro Chips' robots attacks. The girls fight it off but Sunset drops her Geode in the process, leaving her powerless. Noticing this, Flash runs into danger to get the geode back and offers support. He ends up injured in the process, but doesn't regret his actions.









  • The episode references Micro Chips' weird fixation with bread-based robots, with the main antagonist being a bread robot.
  • Flash Drive receives a new member in the form of Sandalwood. Funnily enough, Sandalwood was a member of a rival band in Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks.
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