Wedding of Big McIntosh and Sugar Belle

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the wedding

This wedding was the marriage between Big McIntosh and Sugar Bell. It happened in the last days of the Era of Twilight before Twilight Sparkle officially became the Queen of Equestria.


Both Big Mac and Sugar Bell planned their proposals on the same day and both had extravagant gestures they wanted to propose to the other other. However, as things in Ponyville tend to do, it got overcomplicated as more and more people got involved. On Big Mac's side, Spike and Discord both tried to help in their own ways, but only made things worse in their well-intentioned actions and on Sugar Bell's side, Cup Cake, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom all tried to help out but made things more chaotic much in the same way as Big Mac's friends.

Eventually, the two proposed to each other in front of the Apple-Pear Tree that Big Mac's parents left in their disappearance and their friends came together to have a do-over where they helped planned a beautiful wedding for them. Many of their loved ones came to the affair, such as several members of the Apple family and residents of Our Town. Like the Wedding of Bright Mac and Pear Butter, the two were officially wedded by Mayor Mare.


The response to the wedding was universally positive, with ponies like Applejack crying tears of joy at the event.