The Stare

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"The Stare" was the nickname given to Fluttershy's ability to weaken creatures' willpower by sternly glaring at them. She primarily used it to calm rowdy or aggressive animals when no other method would do, displaying considerable reluctance to use it otherwise.[1][2] The ability was specifically tied to Fluttershy herself—she continued to use it even when her mind was in another body.[3]

While most creatures were unable to resist it, there were exceptions. These included Discord[4] and the flash bees.[2]


When Fluttershy brought Opalescence back to Rarity after a grooming session, the latter was surprised by how calm her pet was and asked if Fluttershy used the Stare. Fluttershy denied this, claiming that she had no control over it—she simply chalked it up to her aptitude with animals. That night, while she was watching the Cutie Mark Crusaders at her home, she employed the Stare to coerce her chickens into returning to their coop to sleep. Later on, when the Crusaders entered the Everfree Forest in search of a wayward chicken, Fluttershy followed them and eventually encountered a cockatrice. While the creature used its (literally) petrifying stare on her, she verbally reprimanded it for turning both her chicken and her friend into stone. Combined with her own Stare, this proved to be too much for the cockatrice, leading it to reverse its earlier transformations and run off. After witnessing this, the Crusaders dubbed her "the queen of stares" and "the Stare Master."[5]

After her experience with Iron Will's assertiveness seminar, Fluttershy learned the hard way that being a doormat does not necessitate completely disregarding others' feelings. For instance, when Angel Bunny refused to eat the salad she'd made for him, she got him to try it by using the Stare.[6]

When the Mane 6 freed Discord as part of a plan to reform him, he almost immediately transformed a nearby rabbit into a hulking beast. Irate, Fluttershy demanded he revert it back, lest she use the Stare on him. While she made good on her threat, Discord was unaffected by it—in fact, he found the very idea so ridiculous as to be uproarious.[4]

Upon learning of the vampire fruit bats plaguing Sweet Apple Acres' orchards, Fluttershy's friends came up with a plan: lure the bats into one area, have her paralyze them with the Stare, and simultaneously have Twilight cast a spell removing their appetite for apples. Fluttershy found more success using the Stare on this occasion.[1]

In the middle of a battle against changelings in Appleloosa, Fluttershy prevented one from feeding off of a couple's love by forcing it into submission with the Stare.[7]

During a quest to find a cure for Swamp Fever, Fluttershy eventually realized that flash bees' honey might fit the bill. When her attempt to negotiate with them normally failed, she resorted to employing the Stare on them. Undeterred, the swarm proceeded to sting her repeatedly.[2]

Following an incident where Fluttershy and Angel Bunny swapped bodies, the former was still able to use the Stare to coerce the latter into finishing her chores (since he was now in her body).[3]


Behind the scenes

Lauren Faust likens the Stare to the glare of a mother scolding her children in the series' pitch bible and has specifically cited her own mom as inspiration for the concept.[8]


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