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Wiz Kid and Velvet Sky making a sculpture together

A sculpture is a three-dimensional art piece, typically made of stone or metal.

Prince Philip's palace had a statue of an angel in its courtyard.[1] Canterlot High School has a statue of Wondercolt on their campus.[2] At some point, Mount Monument was crafted in Northwest Equestria, containing the depictions of Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna and Princess Cadance; Queen Chrysalis elected to put herself on the statue, but no one signed her petition.[3]

There are many statues of the Princesses around Equestria, but only few are particularly noteworthy. One of Nightmare Moon in the Everfree Forest has become a bit of a landmark in Ponyville, as it's often used as a place of partying during Nightmare Night.[4][5] Another was a statue of Twilight Sparkle that was created by a mostly blind sculpture. Applejack had to cover the statue up with a day planner in order to make it look appealing.[citation needed]

After he saved the Crystal Empire, a crystal statue was sculpted in Spike's honor.[6]

Wiz Kid and Velvet Sky often sculpt together in art club, but Wiz Kid seems to do it more.[7][8] Throughout Equestria, statues of horses and half-horse creatures dot cities, such as the Kelpie fountain.[9]

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