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Biographical information
NationalityAyleen's kingdom
Real world
DesignerWendell Washer?
"Would Be Dragonslayer"

Moffat was a famous, royal wizard and former companion of Sir Huguenot during his knight days.


Moffat appeared to be a good personal friend to Sir Huguenot, good enough that he attended the mans wedding to Princess Ayleen. After witnessing Squire Alonso's determination to become a knight, he hatched a scheme. After Alonso and co had left the wedding, Moffat pretended to be an old, grumpy turtle who was stuck on his back. After Alonso nearly hit him when he threw his sword in the woods, the turtle pleaded for help. Alonso was quick to the call and spent hours trying to help the turtle and nearly gave up when he found a way to prop the turtle up. Afterwards, Moffat revealed himself and knighted Alonso for his kindness and hard-working personality.


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