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Biographical information
NationalityMagic World
AffiliationMagic World royal family
Real world
Glory, the Magic Unicorn

Omar was a wizard from Magic world who was known for being quite the "rascal" by Prince Rudolph.


Omar was an aged wizard, but most of his history is unknown. He was well-respected, respected enough to work under the King of Magic world as a royal wizard. He was however, cruel and manipulative. When Glory came to visit the Magic world, Omar saw an opportunity. He tricked Glory into coming to his chamber where he stole her horn. Later that night, Prince Rudolph and Glory conspired together to trick Omar and made him fly to the Moon of Magic world so he could bring it back to Rudolph, and in that time, Glory got her horn back and went back to the Real world.

Rudolph vowed that he would spread the truth about Omar's cruelness across the town, ruining his reputation.


Omar was manipulative, arrogant, cruel and egotistical. He didn't have a moral compass and acted kind and friendly in order to trick those he wanted things from. Omar wasn't a sentimental man, nor did he have respect for unicorns, a highly respected creature in his world. Instead, he envied them and desired their horns. Omar was full of himself, but also had the abilities to back up his claims. He was fast enough to fly to the moon, and powerful enough to shrink it.


  • Flight: Omar was capable of flying all the way to the moon and back within minutes.
  • Magic: Omar was such a powerful wizard that he considered shrinking and/or moving the moon with magi to be small work.


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