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Not to be confused with Knight Shade, the musician who appeared in "Bright Lights"

Nightshade was an Enchanter and evil old wizard who resided in the Gloomy Tower near a village of dwarves. After sending a nosegay of forget-me-not flowers to Princess Fauna, he managed to trap her in his darkest dungeon. However, he was thwarted when Prince Berin and his guardian pony, Moondancer saved the day and rescued the princess.


V - E - H - DPractitioners of the arcane arts
Occupations Wizard • Witch • Enchanter • Magician • Sorcerer
Wizards Arial's father • Gandalf • Garnet Flash • Garth • Jewel Wizard • Lorne of Lore • Nightshade • Mothert • Omar • Sendak • Severus Snape • Starswirl the Bearded • Trixie's wizard
Witches Somnambula • Unicorn sorcerer • Witch Queen
Enchanters Nightshade • Zecora
Magicians Jack Pot • Miss Direction • Peppers Ghost • Trixie Lulamoon in Equestria Girls
Sorcerers Grogar
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