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The Jewel Wizard was an evil wizard who lived in Jewel cave.


In the guise of a kind and gentle man, the wizard would warmly greet ponies who trotted into his domain but quickly showed his true colors as a cruel and manipulative man. He had already kidnapped a number of ponies before, such as Gingerbread, Whizzer and Fizzy, forcing them to work in the Jewel cave to mine for jewels. One fateful day, Applejack came to his cave. Greeting her like he greeted the others, the Jewel wizard quickly roughhoused Applejack as his slaves came to her aid. Unfortunately, the slaves weren't much help, as they were blind and feeble. Applejack came to their aid by smashing the wizards Jewel throne into several pieces, causing him to fall to "the end of the world".[1]


After his presumed death, Fizzy mentioned that Applejack saved her and the others from the wizard.[2]


Manipulative and cruel, the Jewel Wizard was a slave driver who abused his workers, not caring about the horrible health defects they suffered under his rule, such as them going blind.


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