Empress of Ponyville

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All hail

Empress of Ponyville was a briefly-held position founded and only used by Twilight Sparkle during her affliction with Ethical Cancer. She considered herself a "harsh, but fair" despot, though in her brief tenure as empress, she drained the intelligence of the residents of Ponyville, giving them the worst fate of all, enjoying Batman v. Superman.


Twilight arose to power very quickly, using the Castle of Friendship as her base of operations as she broadcasted to the rest of the town, announcing her reign. In this form, Twilight had no morality, meaning she was able to use her intelligence at its full potential, while also having increased capabilities while in the form. By her own admission, she calculated every possible possibility, though still lost to the unpredictable chaos of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, ending her reign and dissolving the position within a few hours.


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