History of Twilight Sparkle

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The history of Twilight Sparkle is a long and well-storied one, filled with countless daring adventures.

Early life


Baby Twilight!

Twilight was either born in June or July, making her a Cancer. According to the Ponyscope, Twilight's associated traits with Cancer is a very loving, caring and creative personality who often surrounds herself with friends.[1] Likewise, Twilight either has the Pearl or Ruby for her birthstone. The former is associated with patience, power, peace, honesty and serenity while the latter is associated with luck, friendship, loyalty, determination, bravery and a headstrong nature.[2]

Twilight Sparkle was born and raised in Canterlot to her loving parents, Twilight Velvet and Night Light. She had an older brother named Shining Armor who she was very close with. Twilight Sparkle was born and raised in the city of Canterlot.[3] She is the sole daughter of Twilight Velvet and Night Light as well as little sister to Shining Armor.[4]

In spite of her eventual bookish personality, Twilight was a very playful young foal who loved adventurers and to play games.[5] Twilight was born into a wealthy family, as evident by her high quality, custom made school bags, fair sized house and Twilight's more advanced education. Outside of her brother, Twilight didn't have much in the way of actual friends throughout much of her life, but was acquainted with Poindexter at least.[6][note 1] Even at a young age, Twilight was incredibly gifted in the arts of magic,able to perform feats that most fillies of the modern age struggle with greatly, with utter ease, such as levitating colts and foals alike.[7]

At some point, Twilight's house was swarmed by Ladybugs. As Shining Armor told her that every dot on a ladybugs wingspan was a different eye looking at her, she gained a strong phobia of the insect, believing they were always looking at her.[8]


Earliest adventures

A young Twilight and Shining Armor tracking monsters

At a young age, Twilight Sparkle loved to team up with Shining Armor to track down monsters, ghosts, creatures and other oddities in the forest and countryside. Even as a filly, Twilight was incredibly punctual and learned in the arts of tracking and had their entire monster manual memorized to the point where she had a near photographic memory of the book. During one of their adventures, Twilight and Shining Armor were hunting a Wood Sprite. Shining Armor encouraged her to try and get her cutie mark in monster tracking, something Twilight was all for. During their expedition, the two hide in a bush near a cave.

The two brainstorm over all the possibilities of what could be in such a cave, with Shining Armor suggesting it could be a Troll or Quarray Eels, Twilight shoots back with suggesting it could be Giant Monsters or even a Crystal Ghost. It's clear that whatever the beast is, it has their utmost attention. While the two are discussing, they are suddenly startled when they hear a loud noise come from the dark cave. The both of them slowly debate who should go first, Twilight volunteering because she wants to learn how to scout, with Shining Armor volunteering because he's older. Their debates are cut short when their bravery runs out and the two make a run for it. Although this incident scared them straight, it did not turn them away from monster tracking entirely and both held strong nostalgic and sentimental feelings towards the experience even years later. Twilight kept her book, while Shining Armor kept the Net Twilight used in her adventures.[5]

Meeting Cadance

Even Twilight is put aback at just how awkward her brother can be

Sometime at night, a young Twilight is with her family when they hear the news that Cadance will be babysitting Twilight. While Twilight Velvet and Night Light are happy they found a babysitter, Twilight remarks that Shining Armors face gets "all funny" whenever he mentions Cadance.[9] After Shining Armor left, Cadance demanded to learn every piece of relevant information she could about her older brother. Obviously confused by such an odd request, Twilight quickly pieces it all together and realizes that Cadance has a crush on Shining Armor. Cadance of course admits her feelings and ask for help. Twilight decides to help her out as she realizes Cadance is even more bookish, scrupulous and organized as her, even admitting that she thinks the would make very good friends.[10]

The two mares bond over their research and both agree that the relationship between Cadance and Shining Armor would be perfect. Cadance ask Twilight to swear that she wont tell Shining Armor of what they just did. Twilight of course, takes the oath and the two hoof-bump in celebration. Later, just before the dance, Twilight keeps her promise but gushes about how great Cadance is to her brother and how she's sure Cadance will like him. This prompts Shining Armor to give his little sister a big and loving hug before he leaves the house. Twilights and Cadances research would prove correct, as the two have been happily together ever since. This event would help spark Twilight's relationship with Cadance, as the two remained good, if distant friends ever since.[9][10]

Cutie Mark


When Twilight was a young filly growing up in Canterlot, she had always wanted to see the Summer Sun Celebration to see Princess Celestia raise the sun. One day, her parents managed to take her towards the celebration where she saw just what she wanted, Princess Celestia raising the sun, ushering in a beautiful daylight throughout all of Equestria and other kingdoms. Twilight was in awe of the grace and power Celestia was able to command, calling her incredible as she watched on from the crowd. From the day forward, Twilight decided to study harder and harder in the arts of magic.[3] Twilight poured much of her free time into studying magic. She was already a very well read and punctual pony, given her interactions with Cadance prior in her life, but now Twilight was giving it her all. Twilight tried, and struggled, but was making progress. She learned basic enchantments at a very young age. Impressed by their daughter, Twilight Velvet and Night Light decided to enroll her into Princess Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns.

It was a dream come true.[3]...With one itsy little problem. She had to pass an entrance exam to pass. The exam was to hatch a Dragons egg. Although nervous in her abilities, Twilight didn't give up. Her parents watched on, tears of pride and joy as their daughter took the exam. She tried casting spells on the egg, warming the egg, casting spells on it again. All the while she was being rushed by a group of rather impatient ponies. Later on, Twilight is about to give up and apologizes for wasting their time when she hears a massive noise off in the distance. This causes her magic to charge. With this newly found power, she zaps the egg, making it hatch, freeing the dragon on the inside. In doing so, she scares her parents and herself as she's still supercharged on magic. Still while in this state, she's confronted by Princess Celestia, who calms her down and praises the filly for her effort and performance. Celestia states that she's never seen a filly with the same raw abilities as Twilight and says she needs to tame her abilities. The Princess then says she wants Twilight to become her personal protege at the school. Twilight is ecstatic at the notion and quickly accepts her request. In the midst of excitement, Twilight doesn't even notice she received her cutie mark until Celestia informs her of it.[3]

Future shock


Raising Spike

Twilight on her first day

After Twilight received her Cutie Mark, she passed the entrance exam of Princess Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns and was sent there shortly there after. Excited and proud of herself, Twilight was eager to attend the boarding skill and brought her favorite doll, Smarty Pants to keep her company. Twilight was headstrong and confident in her abilities, believing she was ready for anything the school could throw at her.[12]

First impression went well

During the welcoming ceremony, Twilight was in the presence of Princess Celestia once again. Her presence made Twilight quiver with nervousness, but the filly was treated with respect, and even told the young pony that she had a "special task" only she could take care of. Surprised by the humility of the princess, Twilight was shocked, yet excited about about the "secret task" was, Twilight followed the princess into a room deep within the school. While the two are traveling towards the room, Celestia refers to Twilight as her most promising student and is beaming with pride. Twilight though she was ready for anything, but she was not ready for what she found. Celestia had directed Twilight to her baby Dragon. Twilight was understandably shocked and confused by the revelation. Celestia gently explains that the dragon was the very same one she hatched when she earned her Cutie Mark, and that Celestia herself had raised the dragon up until the current day, but simply did not have enough time to continue raising him on her and wanted Twilight to help her out.

Twilight protested, saying she doesn't know anything about raising babies, let alone raising baby dragons, but Celestia assures she can help Twilight learn. Celestia claims that she would have never given Twilight a task she didn't sincerely think Twilight couldn't handle, and had the utmost fate in her student. Twilight then greets her new dragon companion, finally starting to normalize the situation, thinking a baby dragon can't be so bad. As she says this, the dragon breaths fire in her face, letting her know that yes, he could be that bad. Twilight rushed to the library and checked out as many books on raising babies as she possibly could. Much to her dismay, their was not a single book known to ponykind about raising dragons, so the poor filly had to make due with what she had. Twilight read the books in quick haste after setting up the dragons crib, giving him his toys, his books, his blankets and giving him a nap. As she does all this, the already stressed filly realizes that she's late for class. She rushes to Professor Inkwell class as soon as she possibly can. Twilight unfortunately makes a fool of herself when she finally get to class. Professor Inkwell lectures her about her being on time, and how theirs no excuse for being late. Furthermore, the dragons crying greatly annoys her fellow students, causing it to become harder for them to study as a result.[12]

Twilight's childhood with Spike wasn't all fun and games like most fanfics portray

Twilight had a rough semester. She would try to balance raising the dragon and school studies, only to be met with little to no success. The dragons excessive crying would get her kicked out of the library and his eating habits would frighten her fellow students. The stress and sleepless nights the would eventually cultivate in Twilight sleeping in the middle of class, once again causing her to be singled out by her professor. Twilight would vent her frustrations out in 'therapy' sessions with Smarty Pants, ranting about how she doesn't have faith in her ability to raise the dragon on her own, how she can't handle it along with schoolwork, and most of all how she wants to impress Celestia, but can't take the pressure of doing so. After the session, she thanks the doll and gives it a huge, loving hug, an action that saddens the dragon and she leaves the room without paying him any mind. The stress Twilight would be forced to take due to the dragon had a huge damper on her personality. She was failing all of her, especially Professor Inkwell class. It was around this point where Inkwell realized Twilight needed help. After class, Inkwell asked Twilight to stay. This obviously horrified Twilight, who was all too aware of how much of a failure she was turning out to be. Twilight asked what the teacher wanted in a meek and timid manner. Inkwell informed Twilight that she heard of the filly's great potential and talent, but was receiving consistently low marks. Inkwell deduced that what Twilight needed was a friend to help her in her hard times, but Twilight pretended to be fine. She thanked her teacher and walked away.[12]

Twilight breaking down in front of her parents and the princess

At the Royal High Tea, Twilights parents once again came to visit her. Her two parents were overjoyed to see their daughter once again, and also to meet her teachers and even the princess in person. Twilight tries to deter their attention by stating the princess would be to busy to talk to them. As she says this, the dragon jumps out of his bag, only to be caught in the air by Twilights magical spells. Soon, the family get to meet up with the Princess. Night Light takes pictures while Velvet greets her with open arms. Celestia greeted the family and directed them to the Parents Room. She attempted to redirect Twilight to the Students Room, but after realizing Twilight didn't have much in the way of friends, she let the girl be with her parents instead. While dining with her parents, Velvet ask her daughter how she's doing and how her classes are, worried due to the short letters Twilight sent her. Twilight is nervous about the questions and tries to muster up faux-answers. Eventually she gets into a groove and begins to answer her parents answers truthfully. I doing so, she loses track of Spike. Her groove is lost when the built up stress begins to take over, she starts to rant about how much she's struggling and how she has to retake an entire class next week. Twilight finally lets it out when she says that she's been so stressed by taking care of her dragon that she doesn't have any time for herself or studying. Her eyes building out and bloodshot, the poor filly starts to break down and cry about how she failed even basic spells such as levitating a flower pot and how she has no hope in passing her next exams.[12]

Learning the love the little dragon

All the while, her dragon spills food on a near by table, making a huge mess. Levitating the dragon with her magic, the filly carried him all the way into her dorm to clean him up with tears in her eyes. Twilight is furious, and upset with the dragon, saying he made her look like a bad caretaker, a bad student and most of all, a bad daughter. She snaps at the poor dragon, saying she has had it with him, and that he's a stupid nuisance and nothing more. She wishes he was more like Smarty Pants instead. Upset by what his caretaker said, the dragon tries his best to make it up to her. He speaks his first words "Smuh-Pah" and clenches her Smarty Pants doll. Twilight realizes the error of her ways, that the dragon isn't just a doll or a pet, but a friend. The dragon lovingly rubs Twilights nose and claps out of joy. Twilight realizes that the dragon needs an actual name. The baby dragon insists on "Smuh-Pah" or "Smarty Pants", but Twilight refuses, saying he needs his own name.The filly begins to clean up her new friend as she brainstorms a name. She comes up with a name, but is interrupted by her parents, who ran into her dorm concerned over their daughter for just running off during the Tea Party. Twilight apologizes for her actions, but assures them that something very important had just happened. She introduces her parents to her new friend—Spike![12]

A second family

A relaxing night

Twilight would form a family away from home of sorts with Princess Celestia and Spike. She looked up to Celestia as a mentor and motherly-figure, and though the two had a loving bond, Twilight saw her as an idol rather than a friend or as family.[12] Because of this, Twilight grew to fear Celestia on some level, and has a deep seeded fear of letting her down in some capacity.[13]

Regardless of Twilight's deep-seeded thoughts, Celestia would do nothing to hurt Twilight and cared for her a great deal. Celestia would personally teach Twilight and was very gentle with her, not getting upset with Twilight made mistakes or fell asleep. Twilight also grew a very close bond with Spike despite her initial disliking of him. Much like how Celestia mentored Twilight, Twilight would go on to mentor Spike, though it's unknown just how much Twilight taught Spike as she was but a filly herself. Twilight grew to truly love Spike as family, treating him like her little brother, peppering him with affection and playing with him through the years. Together, the three formed their own little family. Celestia always noted that Spike hardly ever left Twilight's side and knew for a fact that Spike loved Twilight.[14]

Twilight and Moon Dancer as fillies

Despite going to the same school as Trixie, and even sharing some classes, the two never properly met and Twilight didn't even know who she was when Trixie visited Ponyville. Sometime before moving to Ponyville, Twilight read every installment of the Daring Do series that was out at the time, amassing a deep knowledge of the series and its continuity.[15]

Twilight would go onto gaining a slightly bad reputation at Princess Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns for being self-absorbed and preferring her own company over the company of friends. Because of this, Twilight didn't have much friends prior to moving to Ponyville [16] That said, she still had a small, but closely knit circle of friends who loved and cared about her.[17]

As a filly, Twilight had a somewhat friendly, somewhat hostile rivalry with Moon Dancer which eventually blossomed into a beautiful, albeit short lived, friendship.[17] Twilight seemed to have gotten along with the Royal Guards of Canterlot, as they greeted he with warmth when she visited in order to find time traveling spells.[18]

Teenage and young adult

A younger Twilight and her friends

Twilight would continue to grow up in Canterlot and presumably spent most of her yeas at Princess Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns. There, she would become friends with Twinkleshine, Minuette, Lemon Hearts, Lyra Heartstrings and Moon Dancer. In spite of her generally anti-social personality at the time, her friends greatly admired and cared for her, and just took her anti-social attitude for what it was. They got along great and hung out together at various Canterlot restaurants such as Donut Joe's. Twilight seemed particularly close with Moon Dancer out of all of them, as they seemed to spend the most amount of time together. On the faithful day where Twilight moved to Ponyville, she missed Moon Dancer's birthday party, which broke Moon Dancer's heart and made her grow more anti-social then Twilight ever was. In spite of Twilight's sometimes dismissive and rude attitude, she was still a good-hearted and caring mare who seemed to bond well with others and did form a fair number of friendships over the years. Her relationship with Spike also seemed to flourish in this time.

While in their childhood, Spike often made things worse for Twilight out of ignorance or Twilight's own overbearing nature, however during this time, Spike was very helpful towards Twilight, even if he occasionally appeared dim. Although Twilight leaned to love Spike like family in their childhood, their relationship has normalized in this period and some of her overbearing traits bellowed back up. Her and her friends would hang out occasionally at local restaurants around Canterlot, but despite their closeness, Twilight didn't really think about them a whole lot. This was shown when she didn't even think about attending Moon Dancer's party, a decision that caused her friend to fall into a spiral of depression that festered for years. Her other friends understood and laughed it off, however. Spike remained loyal as ever and wasn't really upset by Twilight's increasingly more overbearing personality. Much of his good-natured personality came through in her last days in Canterlot, trying to cheer her up in moments of annoyance and grief, and tried to give their friends thoughtful gifts.[17]

Best Book Borrower!

On the day Twilight left for Ponyville, she forgot to return her copy of Perfection: The Impossible Pursuit, which eventually caused Dusty Pages to retire from her life as a librarian and become a musician instead at Silver Stable Community, something Twilight would later greatly regret, believing she got her fired.[19] during the same day, she forgot to visit Moon Dancer's party, which caused the already insecure unicorn to become a shut in, rarely leaving her house.[17]

Early adventures

Early days

After defeating Nightmare Mon in the Everfree Forest, Twilight was still not quite used to her new friends and learned more about them in her early adventures. Her first known adventure was when Princess Celestia sent her a ticket to the Grand Galloping Gala, as well as a +1 for any guest she wanted to take. Unfortunately, all of her new friends and Spike, though he was far to bashful to admit it at the time, wanted to go to the gala, each for equally valid purposes, causing the mare great stress. Writing to Celestia if not all of her friends could go, then she would not attend, causing Celestia to instead send her tickets for each one of her friends.[20]

Sometime later, Twilight grew worried that Applejack was overworking herself and offered to help her, though the mare kept denying her offers until the workload became a detriment to not only herself, but her family.[21]

High strangeness

Whirlwind adventures

Twilight getting smacked

Twilight was broken up about missing an item on her To-Do list, reduced to sobbing her eyes out. When Spike told her to just do it then and now, Twilight broke down, crying on the floor while flailing her limbs claiming that it was to late and she couldn't. When Spike went to check what she missed, it was to yawn cutely.[22]

While hanging out with Applejack and Pinkie Pie, Twilight and Applejack began to notice Pinkie acting weird. Realizing her pinkie sense was acting up, the two ducked for cover as a series of flowerpots fell from the sky. Twilight was hit on the head, leaving a massive bump. Sometime later, the Pinkie Sense began to act up once again, leading Twilight to get upset, but all that fell were sweets like cupcakes instead, making her happy.[23]

Twilight loves Rarty!

Twilight's first few adventures after the darkness of Nightmare Moon were peaceful ones filled with love from her friends. Even though her friends were sometimes insensitive or rude, they never hesitated to show their love and care for Twilight, and never once hesitated to protect her from harms way. On a vacation to a Beach, Twilight asked Rarity to come swimming with her. Rarity respectively declined, but while swimming Twilight nearly drowned. Rarity rushed to her aid, saving her life. Twilight asked why she did it, since it got her mane all wet, but Rarity assured her that Twilight meant much more to her than her mane, prompting Twilight to tell Rarity she loved her.[24]

On a clear blue day, Twilight wanted to sped time with her friends. Applejack was to busy, Fluttershy was caught up and Rarity simply didn't notice her until she called her cute. Worried that her friends no longer loved her, Twilight stated to sob, but Rainbow Dash got her attention and dragged he to her 50th Day After Her Birthday party, where her friends told her they loved her. Twilight was overjoyed, but realized that they only used it as an excuse to party.[25]


Twilight's largely peaceful adventures would continue for quite awhile, without much darkness or fights in her near future. Most of her problems during this period of time were somewhat inane and minor in comparison to the potentially world-ending plights she faced before. On one of these days, Sugarcube Corner was giving away free cupcakes. Twilight, her friends and in fact most of Ponyville came to celebrate this occasion. However, Pinkie Pie quickly ate the cupcake she gave to Twilight. As an apology, Pinkie gave Twilight "her" cupcake, which was in fact Dash's. Dash didn't notice that her cupcake was stolen in time and bit her hooves, causing her to fly into the sky in deep pain as Twilight watched on with a concern look. Enraged, Twilght told Pinkie Pie that was enough, but she didn't listen and instead stole Applejack and Fluttershy's cupcakes. Pinkie later decided to pull together their resources and eat together, which Twilight conceded and smiled at her friend.[26]

No one listening to Twilight

Twilight always suffered from a bad case of egotism, even if she wasn't malicious or even outwardly rude about it. In such a case of this ego was when she demanded to be right about "something" but no one would listen. After realizing none of her friends really cared and were preoccupied, she decided to go to Fluttershy to about it. Unbewonst to Twilight, as she explained whatever she needed to explain, she ended up making two birds fly away, which Fluttershy managed to play nice just moments prior. The usually kind and docile Fluttershy snapped in a flurry of rage as she violently yelled at Twilight and her friends, causing them off guard and forcing them to fallback.[27]

Regardless of any egotistic behavior, Twilight remained fundamentally selfless and down to earth. She tried to save Applejack from a Buffalo with the help of Rainbow Dash though after Applejack revealed the only reason why she was on the buffalo was for practice, Twilight let her friend deal with it. After hearing about Applejack's desire to win a Prize hat, Twilight told her friend hat she'll be rooting for her but grows annoyed and concerned when he Buffalo bucked Applejack several meters away. Twilight tried to help Applejack find what she was good at ad grew concerned when she believed Applejack was depressed. After realizing her talent, Applejack threw a pie in Twilight's face, proclaiming no one could beat her at a pie throwing contest, but Twilight doubted that that was a rodeo sport.[28]

— Rainbow Dash

If only it were that easy in the actual episode...

On a dark and stormy night, Twilight was in her library reading a massive sized book with Fluttershy. She was soon interrupted by Pinkie Pie warning them that Discord was back "and evil" and engaged Rainbow Dash in a battle. Without an ounce of hesitation, a worried Twilight, now with the company of Applejack and Rarity rushed to the scene of the battle offering their help and support, stating that either they stand together, or fall apart. Unfortunately, it appeared as if they were to late as Dash was violently stricken into the ground with a powerful thunderbolt as Discord cried out that he would rule all of Ponyville. Crying out in fear, it was soon revealed that it was a game of Niramekko that Dash had won. Annoyed, Twilight tuck her tongue out and sardonically commented on the "battle" while her friends praised Dash for saving the day.[29]

Romantic days

A romantic night

Despite the dramatic events that only recently unfolded before her, Twilight was in a whimsical, dreamy and lovely mood. The warmth and happiness between Shining Armor and Cadance was so uplifting and true. Filled with strong emotions, Twilight wistfully looked up to the moonlit sky of Canterlot and wondered if she'll ever get married like that. Dreaming of a pony she can love and spend her life with, Twilight wondered if she should use a spell in order to see who she would end up marrying. At first she hesitated but soon decided it was to much to bear ad used her magic mirror to see who she would love. As it's happening, Twilight got a case of cold hooves and decided not to see. Unfortunately for her, the man she would marry turned out to be...Spike. However, as it turned out the mirror was busted and Spike checked on her to tell her her finished cleaning. Spike was concerned for her well-being, but Twilight semi-normalized and once again looked longingly into the night sky, realizing it be best that she didn't know.[30]

Twilight awakens Mr. Titter Tree

Sometime later, on a clear and sunny day, Twilight was reading an interesting book when Applejack asked her if she wanted to lasso with her. Twilight wanted Applejack to read with her, but Applejack refused and threw away Twilight's book. The two got into a heated argument. Applejack walked away in a fit of anger as Twilight felt guilty over what she did. Fearing Applejack would hate her, Twilight desperately tried to find a way to make it up to Applejack (in books, no less), Fluttershy tried to chime in but Twilight didn't notice her. Soon later, Twilight was dragged into a party by Pinkie Pie that was requested by Applejack so she could formally apologize to Twilight. Together, the six friends had a wild, good-natured party.[31]

Without warning, Fluttershy collapsed in front of Twilight. Rushing to her aid, Twilight was smacked away by Rainbow Dash who confronted her friend. After hearing about the dormant Titter Tree, Twilight tried to find a way to wake up the tree. After several failed attempts by her friends to wake the tree up (one of which ended up sending Rainbow Dash past the Ponyville mountains), Twilight found a spell that turned the tree alive. The spell was a success and the tree came alive. Twilight asked the tree what was wrong, and it admitted that he felt like a loser. Spending all his life helping others with nothing to show for it. Using another spell, Twilight enabled the tree the ability to walk. With his new found power, the tree caused a ruckus among Ponyville as it trekked through the town. Before long, the Titter Tree fell madly in love with Golden Oak Library and so Twilight turned the library alive so the two could meet. Princess Celestia appeared before Twilight to thank her for her selfless acts. The Titter Tree had once again embraced its loving nature. However, Rainbow Dash, unaware the tree was alive, rammed right into it, pulverizing a large hole in it, which Twilight decided to use as a reading spot. Rainbow Dash apologized for her actions and was truly happy that the two trees mentioned to grow close. Overwhelmed with joy and love, the ponies had a party celebrating their matrimony.[32]

Princess Twilight

Early duties

High adventure

School of Friendship

Queen Twilight

Days prior

Final Battles

Later adventures

Later life


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