King Diomedes

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King Diomedes
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Thracian
OccupationKing of Thrace
FamilyThracian royal family
Real world
Feats of Friendship #3

King Diomedes was the King of Thrace during the time when Swift Foot attended the School of Friendship. He was a deadringer of his ancestor, King Thrace.


Diomedes fathered at least four children, all daughters, named Terri Belle, Blonn Di, Shining Light and finally Swift Foot respectively. Wishing to show Equestria the fragility of the idea of friendship and to become the King of Equestria, Thrace sent his youngest daughter to infiltrate the School of Friendship.

Persona life

Thrace's relationship with his daughters was largely unclear, but seemed to be a relationship built around power given just how much Swift Foot seemed to fear upsetting him. He lived in the Thracian Palace, a rocky and jagged home and didn't appear to be content with his current life, wishing to rule over Equestria instead.


Behind the scenes

Diomedes appeared in Feats of Friendship #3 during Swift Foot's flashback. His design was directly lifted from Thrace.

Diomedes most likely gets his name from Greek hero, Diomedes; his daughters' names are references to the Mares of Diomedes.

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