Grogar's Bell

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For the bell of Generation 4 Grogar, which is also referred to as Grogar's Bell, see Bewitching Bell.

Grogar's Bell was a magical bell belonging to Grogar, the tyrannical ruler of Tambelon.


Grogar had the bell created by his slaves, the Trogals, during the 500 years he was imprisoned in the Realm of Darkness. By channeling the bell's magic through his horns, he could cast various spells, including bolts of destructive energy. The bell's power eventually allowed Grogar to return Tambelon to Ponyland, where he used it to capture many of the inhabitants. He later cast a spell intended to return Tambelon to the Realm of Darkness with his captives trapped within, leaving him free to conquer Ponyland. However, Megan Williams succeeded in ringing an Ancient Bell that destroyed Grogar's Bell, leaving him powerless as Tambelon returned to the Realm of Darkness, taking him with it.