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Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Earth Pony
OccupationFirefighter (IDW continuity)
Real world
"Friendship is Magic"

Berryshine is an Earth Pony Mare who lives in Ponyville, Equestria. She appears to be friends with the Flower ponies, especially Daisy who she gets along with quite well. Although still typically cowardly, Berryshine appears to have more backbone than other citizens of Ponyville and has protected her fellow ponies from danger.


Berryshine on the faithful day

Berryshine was enjoying herself on the day Twilight Sparkle moved to Ponyville, and was an attendee of her welcoming party. Berryshine later attended the Summer Sun Celebration, but was shocked and scared when she saw Nightmare Moon instead of Princess Celestia.[1] Berryshine appeared in Applejack's imagination as a satisfied customer purchasing apples at the Grand Galloping Gala. She later appeared in Rainbow Dash's fantasy, admiring her flying skills. In Rarity's fantasy, Berryshine foresaw Rarity and Prince Blueblood's royal union and eventual wedding. In real life, Berryshine was one of the many ponies who harrassed Twilight over her Grand Galloping Gala Ticket.[2] Berryshine was among the many panicking ponies when a heard of stampeding cows made its way towards Ponyville. She later ate of one of Applejack's rancid muffins and became sick.[3] Berryshine waited for Fluttershy and a family of Ducks to cross the street. Berryshine later attended Gilda's party. She was having a great time, but her smiley demeanor melted away when things took a turn for the worse and got serious.[4] Berryshine was among the many ponies that witnessed Trixie's show, and seemed quite worried for Rarity after Trixie humilated her. She later witnessed Twilight Sparkle saving the day from an Ursa Major, which Trixie could do nothing against.[5] She was taking a nap in Ponyville Park, but later awoke when the Dragon's smoke was blotting out the sky.[6] She "protected" Ruby Pinch from the "Evil Enchantress" known as Zecora during her visit.[7]

She helped with the preparations of Princess Celestia's visit, and was later annoyed by Twilight's...Twilightness. Berryshine looked up at the Parasprites with a happy expression, but was terrified of them before the days end.[8] She participated in the Winter Wrap Up and though Twilight Sparkle accidentally messed things up for her and the rest of Ponyville, they were able to succeed in the end.[9] She attempted to buy some apples from Apple Bloom, but the fillies tenacious attitude scared her away. She later attended Diamond Tiara's Cute-Ceañera.[10] She practically celebrated Applejack during the Iron Pony Competition and watched all her events. She later took part in the Running of the Leaves, though was winded fairly early in the race.[11] She was at Rarity's fashion show.[12] Berryshine was one of the ponies who saw Scootaloo's daredevil scooter tricks and watched on with a warm smile. She later attended the Ponyville Talent Show.[13] She saw Fluttershy's run way performance and instantly became a huge fan. She made rude remarks about Rarity when she realized she wasn't Fluttershy. She later attended Fluttershy's final show.[14]

Dawned in an oversized, somewhat stereotypical hat, Berryshine, or perhaps a doppelganger was at Appleloosa during the Main Six's trip. She was at odds with the buffalo and though she attended Pinkie's share and care concert, she still fought against the buffalo with pies.[15] Berryshine was at Princess Celestia's welcoming party.[16] She startled Twilight Sparkle and looked at her awkwardly, but went about her life like nothing happened.[17] Beryshine had conversation with Daisy about the weather of Ponyville.[18]


Like most ponies in Ponyville, Berryshine is defined by a cheerful, friendly amiable, hardworking and somewhat cowardly personality. She is shown to be berry very friendly and kindhearted, protecting other ponies from perceived threats. She seems to be good friends with Daisy, as the two are semi-regularly shown speaking together. Berryshine loves berries and fruits.[19]





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