Sweet Snacks Cafe

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Sweet Snacks Cafe
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Location Canterlot, Equestria
Type Restaurant

Sweet Snacks Cafe was a diner and cafe located in Canterlot, Equestria.


Sweet Snacks Cafe was a popular cafe among all age groups, but seemed particularly popular among teenagers and young adults. Like The Drip, the cafe was visited by both students of CHS and CPA, though more students from CPA seemed to eat there. The place was associated with friendliness, as many friends and romantic partners ate together there. Romantic connections were also made there, such as with Alizarin Bubblegum and Celery Stalk.[1] In addition to its romantic association, the cafe was also notable for being a place to study, a Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry were shown to study there.[1]


It was unclear if Sweet Snacks Cafe was it own building or if it was apart of a strip complex, as a somewhat out-of-place glass structure was built on its side. Whatever the case, the cafe was surrounded by several shops, meaning it was most likely in the commercial area of Canterlot.

The establishment was extremely highly rated in its day, getting consistently 5-star review from Screech and only getting one review below that, which if of itself was only a 4-star review that was quickly edited to 5 star.[2]


Sweet Snacks Cafe sold a variety of foods, particularly sandwiches and related foods. They sold burgers, cheeseburgers, club sandwiches, coffee and several sweets.

Working force[edit]

Pinkie Pie, Doo Wop and Sunny Sugarsocks were the main working body of the place, with a middle-aged chef who did most of the cooking, at least for deep-fried foods.

Behind the scenes[edit]

Sweet Snacks Cafe seemed to have replaced Sweet Shoppe as a go-to restaurant setting in recent Equestria Girls media, as the Sweet Shoppe has rarely been used past the original film.



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