Queen Chrysalis (Changelingverse)

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Queen Chrysalis
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesChangeling  • Queen
AffiliationChangeling Empire

Queen Chrysalis is the counterpart of Queen Chrysalis from the Changelingverse.


When Starlight Glimmer attempted to alter history and prevent the formation of the Mane Six, one of her alterations resulted in an alternate timeline in which Chrysalis' forces successfully conquered Canterlot. Many Ponies escaped by fleeing into the Changelingverse Everfree Forest, but Chrysalis eventually discovered their hideaway by posing as Changelingverse Applejack. She then revealed her true form and ordered her forces to attack the settlement, engaging Changelingverse Zecora in a savage battle. Fortunately, this timeline was negated by the actions of Twilight Sparkle and Spike.



Other media

My Little Pony: Magic Princess

In the mobile game, Changelingverse Chrysalis appears as the antagonist of the Cutie Re-Mark: Changelingverse event and a playable character won by completing said event. In this version of events, she wears the armor worn by her counterpart during the Siege of Trot in Fiendship is Magic Issue 5, and is thus named Battle-Armored Chrysalis.

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