Ocellus' Brother

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Ocellus' Brother
Biographical information
NationalityChangeling Kingdom
ResidenceChangeling Guesthouse (mobile game)
Real world
"The Hearth's Warming Club"

"Ocellus' Brother" was a Changeling male who lived at the Changeling Kingdom.


He is known to have joined her family in the celebration of Hearth's Warming, a holiday which they picked up from the ponies of Equestria. They received instructions on various traditions from their new pony friends, but since these weren't clearly explained the Changelings ended up creating a number of new traditions based on their own interpretations. Ocellus' family is known to have celebrated among themselves[1], as well as with other Changelings like Thorax and Pharynx.[2] When Ocellus wanted to return to the School of Friendship ahead of a new term, all four of her relatives signed the permission slip signifying their approval.[3]

Behind the scenes

Ocellus' Brother is only identified as such as in My Little Pony: Magic Princess, with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic not clarifying the nature of their relationship.



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