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Photo Finish may not be a unicorn, but Tartarus be upon you if you doubt she can bring da magic! In the land of Equestria, she is easily one of the highest profile photographers to ever exist, a pony so powerful in the world of glamour that she can make even the most shy and docile pony an overnight celebrity and media juggernaut. In the land of humans however, she appears to be little more than a quirky high schooler with a passion for fashion (photography).

Although she would only have a handful of major episodes, Photo Finish became arguably one of the shows more enduring side characters. Her role as the only non-paparazzi photographer in the franchise would give her several niche appearances whenever stories or merchandise would call for a photographer.

The stoic vaguely-German photographer first appeared in "Green Isn't Your Color" and was played by Tabitha St. Germain. Finish would first appear in toys and merchandising in 2012 with the "Famous Friends" toyline. She has since then appeared in various toys, cards and fashion items.



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