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Rockhoof and the Mighty Helm

Mighty Helm was an organization founded at some point in the Age of Heroes, after the Founding of Equestria but before Stygian's quest.


The history of the Mighty Helm dated back many years prior of the volcano incidents, as Rockhoof dreamed to be a member for as long as he could remember. Through a series of rudimentary training exercises, Rockhoof proved himself to be the best of the best, but rarely gloated or bragged about his success. As the days went on, Rockhoof developed a more hedonistic lifestyle but was nevertheless a brave and courageous soul. Eventually the Mighty Helm was needed once again when a volcano began to erupt once more. Rockhoof by this point was horrifically out of shape but still tried to protect those he held dear. As they climbed the volcano, Rockhoof found himself unable to save the day. This acted as a wake up call as Rockhoof and the rest of Mighty Helm trained harder than ever in order to properly save the village. Teaming up with Steela Oresdotter, Rockhoof and his captain managed to save the town from the Cherufe who were within the volcano.



Members of Mighty Helm were exceptionally well-trained solders who underwent intense training seemingly everyday. They were taught in the ways to run faster and with more grace, as well as to fight in the arts of swordsmanship. To be a member of Mighty Helm, one must be selfless, or at least give the impression of being a selfless individual, as they were expected to be willing to give up their life in order to protect others. Although they're trained to be soldiers, Mighty Helm members must also protect the village from any disaster that may be afoot. Indeed, they appear to protect their village from natural disasters more often than invaders from other lands.


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