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Twilight Sparkle has, in the course of various adventures and misadventures, taken on a number of different forms.


Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Alicorn
Real world
"One Worm to Fool Them All"

Boromir was a member of the Rainbowettes who walked for over 25 pages.


Boromir was a persona taken up by Twilight Sparkle when she was thrusted into a world of Pinkie Pie's creation. In the world, she teamed up with Gandalf, Bilbo and Elrond on her quest to Mt. Worm in the land of Mordor (where the shadows lie). On her quest, Boromir was attacked by a pack of Zombies called the "Zed Heads" who overwhelmed her until Bilbo blasted them with her Rainbow beams, which brought the zombies back to life, then flew to her spaceship. Afterwards, Boromir became an astronaut named Spock.





Crystal Pony

Dark Changeling


When Twilight Sparkle became frustrated to the point of anger at the inexplicable nature of Pinkie Pie's Pinkie sense, she briefly underwent a transformation of sorts. Her mane and tale became fire, her irises and pupils became red, and her fur became white as her Cutie mark disappeared. This state was temporary, lasting only a few seconds, and Twilight soon returned to normal, albeit with minor scorching evident on her mane, tail, and fur and smoke rising off of her.

This form bears some similarities to the Nirik form that Kirin assume when angry.

Empress of Ponyville



Nightmare Twilight Sparkle




Twilight Sparkling

Twilight Sparkling is the Vampire Pony form of Twilight Sparkle, assumed in order to battle the Living Apples who sought to conquer Equestria.

Personality and traits

Twilight Sparkling is very similar in appearance to Twilight Sparkling but has bat wings, tufted ears, red eyes, fangs, and a white collar held in place with a purple star tie clasp. Her cutie mark also changes so that the large star in the center now features a red apple at its center.

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