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posted 339 days ago

I'm not sure if it's saved, I'm afraid. I knowit had 9 chronological years, so from that I can probably trace my steps. I'll try to get it finished today.

posted 864 days ago

It's been a bit slower then I planned, since some things in my personal life have been popping up and the like, but it should be done either this month or early next month. Aside from images, I'm more or less at the point where I can start importing pages manually instead of en masse like i've been doing before. AFAIK the only major sections of the site that hasn't been properly imported are cultural articles, some obscure staff members and media (the latter of which I'm planning on not importing right away since a lot of media articles were sloppy and need to be rewritten to begin with).

But all that said, it shouldn't affect creating new articles. Worse case scenario, we end up merging articles that you or someone else creates with old articles, [ I already did a test, and importing an article from the old site to here if it already exists here causes no issues or reversions.

posted 878 days ago

Ahh, I getcha. I really have to stop assuming stuff like this, my apologies.

Personally, I could honestly go either way on it. I think it's more dramatic if it was unavoidable, but I think it's more thematic if Celestia did it herself. You could spin the angle of bringing back a menace to be a character flaw on Celestia's part, foolishly risking her kingdom for the sake of a loved one in a moment of weakness, which would be consistent with her portrayal in Reflections, but that's going in to fanfic territory.

Either way, I'm not really sure how to go about it on the wiki since, like you said, it doesn't really fit in with what the franchise has become after Faust left, like I alluded to in my post, her version of the series and what it became are completely different from one another. I guess we could still write it into Celestia and Luna's histories with a section in their Behind the scenes section writing about how it's potentially inconsistent with what came later.

posted 878 days ago

Off how? I think it fits with Lauren's vision of the show, which is significantly different from what the show became after subsequent writers. It is a bit clunky in the current "incarnation" of the show since the show has since established Celestia has power over the sun, rather than the moon.

I think it's likely Celestia had power over stars in early stages of the shows development, given that unicorns were described as capable of moving stars in My Little Pony Adventures, but this ability was probably dropped early in the development. So, I think it's possible Faust is describing her original thinking process rather than anything that would fit in the current lore...

Or perhaps Faust hasn't worked on the show in nearly a decade and gave a rushed answer to finally settle a question she has presumably been asked for for yeaaaaaars, lol.

posted 878 days ago

Hey Emerald! Glad to see you back.

Here's a screencap. Basically, Celestia used her powers of the stars and moon to free Luna herself.