Early life of Rainbow Dash

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This article chronicles the early life of Rainbow Dash.


Dash and Fluttershy as fillies. How adorable!

Rainbow Dash was born sometime in the 1980s given how Twilight Sparkle was a filly in 1987.[1] Rainbow Dash has been best friends with Fluttershy ever since the two were fillies,[2] despite being polar opposites.[3] The two grew up together in Cloudsdale though after Rainbow Dash caused the Sonic Rainboom incident sometime in the late 1980s to early 1990s, Fluttershy moved down to the ground instead of the clouds.[4] Despite this, they remained close. During this period, Rainbow Dash's rainboom caused several key events to happen, it destroyed the rock Rarity was lead to, inspiring her love for beauty, inspired Pinkie Pie's love for joy, caused Twilight Sparkle to pass her magic exam and hatched Spike and so on.

20~ years after the Rainboom incident, Rainbow Dash accidentally traveled back in time and met up with her filly self. Together, they had a brief adventure together until they managed to set the timeline back in check.[5]

Growing up, Rainbow Dash was not a fan of reading, only growing to appreciate the medium in her adult years.[6]


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