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Alvin Lee Sanders
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Alvin Lee Sanders, or just Alvin Sanders (March 16, 1952) is a Canadian voice actor, who like so many other actors, also worked on the Ocean dub of Dragon Ball Z and portrayed the voice of Mr. Popo. Some of his other notable roles include Demolishor in Transformers: Energon and Armada and Pop Tate on Riverdale.

Outside of voice acting, Sanders served as one of the creative people on McGyver, with the ability to make any part of Vancouver look like any part of the world they wished.

Sanders also appeared on several Hallmark original movies, usually playing a reverend or minister.

"I love voice work because since you can’t SEE me, I can be anything or anyone. The voice has only the age or ethnicity you give to it."
— Sanders


Sanders got into acting through plays he did in high-school about the struggle of African Americans. In High School, he worked as a paper delivery boy but quit and joined a children's theater as an actor. Though he wasn't paid much, he believed the respect he earned from adults and fans was more than enough.

In 1984, Sanders came to British Columbia to perform a play and fell in love with the stage manager, the two later got married. Around this time, they considered moving to the United States of America to find more work, but around this time, Vancouver was starting to become a huge production center itself.

His first film appearance was Cinderella Liberty, where he played a bit part as a bar patron who watches the main characters play pool. Though he admitted this scene was "maybe 5 minutes" long, it took seven days to film.

Sanders also worked on as a creative person on McGyver, and was responsible for finding filming locations.

His first voice acting role was Floog on The New Adventures of He-Man. He admitted the show probably didn't do to well, but enjoyed owning an action figure of Floog since he voiced him.

Sanders later worked on several Hallmark films, where he would become quite famous in his own respect, typically playing ministers or reverends. In 2010, he performed the voice of "Flutterguy" in "Bridle Gossip".

Sanders later auditioned for the role of Principal Weatherbee on Riverdale, but instead got the role of Pop Tate. Despite not fitting the description of the character, the directors and casters felt like his presence and performance was perfect for what they were searching for.


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