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Since its inception in 1981/1983, My Little Pony has spun into a massive franchise with thousands of staff members. This page serves as an index of every official staff and crew member currently profiled on the wiki.

By profession

  • Artists: All the visual artists who've lent their talents to the franchise!
  • Directors: The people who put My Little Pony on the screen!
  • Editors: And the people who made sure what made it there was decent!
  • Educational consultants: Those who helped make the show teach us good lessons while still being fun!
  • Musicians: Ever since Gen 1, music has been a driving force of what made this franchise so dang good!
  • Performers: Actors and singers who brought these characters to life!
  • Producers: Producers
  • Programmers: The video games had to come from somewhere!
  • Voice directors: Even great actors need direction!
  • Writers: And last but not least, the people who wrote the stories that transcended this franchise into something truly special.

By year of birth

By status

By nationality

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By other criteria

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