Caninia-Abyssinian War

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War. War never changes...

"I felt something... a great disturbance in the vibes..."
Mr. March

The Caninia-Abyssinian War was a conflict fought between the Diamond Dogs of Caninia and the Cat Lords of Abyssinia. In an effort to cause peace between the warring armies Equestrian Union Army was active in the war, though apparently neutral, they seemed to be on friendlier terms with Caninia.

Much to the dismay of the Equestrian soldiers, the Abyssinians were able to perform a "big musical number" with a railway car, causing the Equestrians to tearfully resort to their most dangerous weapon, a charcuterie board. Over in Equestria, support in the war effort caused many families to use less resources and donate their Bits to the cause. This notably caused a resource shortage in the March household.

Known personnel

  • Mr. March: Portrayed by Cheese Sandwich. Loving father of the March sisters and husband to Marmee March. Apparently high ranking member of the military, presumably some sort of leader.
  • Unidentified Union Army soldier #1: Resembles Jack Pot in appearance but not personality. Highly anxious and emotional, regretting the actions he must take in war.
  • Unidentified Union Army soldier #2: Resembles Caramel, appears to be deeply afraid of the enemies he faces.

Behind the scenes

The war was a stand-in for the United States Civil War which was a present event in the original Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. The Diamond Dogs who appear in the battle scene most resemble the Appaloosan Mountains Diamond Dog Gang. In the original novel, Mr. Robert March was a chaplain rather than a soldier.


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