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The name or term "Robin Hood" refers to more than one subject. For a list of other meanings, see Robin Hood (disambiguation).

Robin Hood was a Legend and nigh-mythical archer with a penchant for money. He had many adventures with his loyal bunch of Merry Men. He lives in a village in the Land of Legends.


Robin Hood's adventures were written about in the book, The Adventures of Robin Hood, which Megan owned.

Robin Hood, or as he liked to be called, "Hood", was the first of the Legends to enter Ponyland and thus, was the first Legend to meet the ponies. Their start was a little rocky, but they quickly became very good friends. He taught various ponies archery, but as he was teaching them, his accuracy began to grow worse, much to his dismay. In Megan's world, she realized that the stories of these heroes were starting to be erased, only for Lofty to transport her into Ponyland to help deal with the situation.

Soon, the Dragon Beast began to "terrorize" Paradise Estate. Robin Hood attempted to protect his new friends from the beast, but the ponies ended up realizing the beast wasn't so bad after all and halted its rampage. Afterwards, they convinced the Legends to go back to the Land of Legends even though they preferred it in Ponyland, but Robin Hood refused to enter the land if the Dragon Beast was coming along. However, after realizing the Dragon Beast was a good-hearted thing, he admitted he misjudged it and became its friend. Together, they re-entered the land. As he left his friends, he made it clear that though they may be gone, they'll always be connected through the art of storytelling.

Though bummed out that they lost some great friends, the Ponies went back to their daily life when they noticed Megan left some of her books in the land, which the ponies soon realized where the adventures of Robin Hood and the other heroes, allowing for the ponies to be reunited with their dear friends.


Robin Hood came off as a roguish and slightly greedy, but moral man with a passion for archery. He was very kind and cared deeply for his friends, and had a loyal circle of friends. He was good friends with Scheherazade, Hercules, Paul Bunyan and possibly Aladdin as well.


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