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MLP47 Aladdin.png
Species Human
Kind Legend
Gender Male
Nationality Arabian
Residence Land of Legends
First "Through the Door"

Aladdin was one of the Legends who came from the Land of Legends. He presumably lives in Arabia with Scheherazade.


Aladdin traded his Magic Lamp away to a bunch of ponies for an unknown item in exchange, but the lamp of course contained the powerful, but overly detailed Genie. He later entered the Land of Legends once he realized the land was falling apart with him and the other Legends. Though he hated the Dragon Beast, he did grow to care for the beast once it was revealed that he was a gentle-hearted being.


  • This portrayal of Aladdin appears to be Arabic, while the original story, he was Chinese. This detail has often been lost given the stories Arabic roots, however.


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