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Paradise Estate
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Paradise Estate is a residence located in Ponyland.


Creation, destruction, recreation, and invasion

Paradise Estate was created by the Moochick at the request of the Ponies of Dream Castle, who had been forced to flee their home due to the encroachment of the Smooze. The building was established in Dream Valley, but soon fell under the same threat as the ponies' previous home. Fortunately, the Smooze was defeated by the Utter Flutter of the Flutter Ponies and the power of the Rainbow of Light. Afterwards, the ponies chose to remain at Paradise Estate, surrendering their former home to their new Grundle friends.[1]

During a subsequent clash with Hydia, creator of the Smooze, the ponies chose to take an injured Baby Cuddles to Furbobia rather than to Paradise Estate, due to the Furbob home being nearer to Flutter Valley.[2] Later, Paradise Estate would be invaded by Pluma the Penna, acting on orders from the malevolent Squirk. Disguising herself as a ghost, she terrorized the human and pony inhabitants, trying to get them to depart. Eventually, she succeeded in luring them out of the building and trapping them with a net. Explaining that half of the Flashstone, Squirk's magical amulet, lay buried beneath their home, she destroyed Paradise Estate in order to reach it.

Having recovered the amulet half, Pluma used its powers in an attempt to recreate Paradise Estate as a means of apologizing to the ponies. However, due to being incomplete, the Flashstone was only able to restore half of the building. Despite this, the Williams family and their pony friends agreed to help her in her efforts to rescue her grandfather, Ruff, from Squirk. Eventually, they went back to the partially restored Paradise Estate and recovered Pluma's nets, which they then used to trap Squirk. Later,Megan Williams used the restored Flashstone to restore Paradise Estate and the rest of Dream Valley to their former state before destroying the dangerous artifact.[3]

Later, the Bushwoolies would travel to Paradise Estate in order to alert the inhabitants that three of their number had been abducted by the Raptorians.[4] On another occasion, the ponies welcomed the giant dog Dinah as their guest at Paradise Estate. The enormous canine's presence proved quite a strain, and the ponies were relieved, though saddened, when Dinah's family finally appeared to collect her.[5] Several of the ponies, Megan, and Molly later returned to Paradise Estate after attending a concert by Knight Shade and the Shadowettes, only to discover that the Baby Ponies were not with them.[6]

The estate was later the site of a party in which the various denizens and their friends celebrated their assortment of differences.[7] It would soon face more dire circumstances when several of the Unicorn residents were forcibly drawn to Tambelon as it was in the process of returning to Ponyland. Grogar and his Troggle army would conquer Paradise Estate as they occupied Dream Valley, with the denizens either escaping or ending up prisoners of the evil wizard. However, Danny Williams later hit upon a scheme that required sneaking back into the estate in order to recover his tape recorder. Eventually, Grogar was defeated and sent back into the Realm of Darkness along with Tambelon, leaving the ponies and their friends free to return home.[8]

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In other media

In My Little Pony: Magic Princess, Paradise Estate appears as a residential location in Ponyville. It is home to a number of Generation One ponies, including several that did not appear in the original My Little Pony animated series or any crossover media between it and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.