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Pluma of the Penma
As a spooooky ghost

Pluma was a Penma and the granddaughter of Rough. She was also the temporary ghost of Paradise Estate who haunted the place so.


Pluma's kind seem to live for thousands of years, so her age was unclear. Her family were the original opposers of Squirk, the evil octopus who ruled the land with his Flashstone. However, Squirk the immortal that he was, waited until Pluma's grandfather was elderly so he could kidnap him and use him as a hostage. As a Penma, Pluma had the ability to transform into seemingly anything.

Pluma was very absent-minded and had trouble speaking clearly, but was fairly intelligent in her demeanor. As the ghost of Paradise Estate, she haunted the place as an amorphous cloud with a scary face, but soon revealed herself as a Penma when she had the ponies and Williams family in her trap. She wasn't mean or cruel, but seemed to put her needs above the needs of others, as such, she destroyed Paradise Estate in order to find a half of the Flashstone. With one half, she began to look for the other.

Eventually, Squirk and his right-hand-man, Crank found the other and Crank came to the surface to try to forcefully take the other. They were succesful and Pluma was captured along with the rest and sent to a boney prison to be crushed by a giant skull. During this, Squirk began to flood Dream Valley. Reunited with her grandfather, Pluma eventually worked up the power to transform into a buzz-saw like form which they used to free themselves from the prison before they were crushed.

With the help of Danny, Pluma and the others managed to trap Squirk and Crank and take back the Flashstone, undoing his flood.

Voice actors

Language Actor Note
English Susan Blu As Pluma
English Frank Welker As the Ghost of Paradise Estate


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