Garden Park Bench

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Lyra Heartstrings and Shoeshine on a Garden Park Bench

A Garden Park Bench was a type of bench used throughout Ponyville, primarily, Garden Park.

The bench was sat on by Lyra Heartstrings and Shoeshine around the time Razer had perched inside a cave in the Ponyville mountain range.


The bench was the center of an iconic meme within the brony fandom due to the strange way Lyra was sitting on the bench. This was later referenced in the IDW Publishing Friendship is Magic comic book series where Lyra was saddened after her "therapy" with Diamond Tiara in which she walked away while thinking of a chair with a cancel icon sadly.

In other media

My Little Pony (Gameloft)

The bench appears as a 1x1 decorum item that cost 22,000 Bits and is sold for 16,500 Bits and generates 90 experience points.


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