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MAD was a comedy skit-show that aired on Cartoon Network from September 6, 2010 to December 2, 2013 with a total of four seasons and 103 episodes. The series was based off MAD Magazine, a long-running comedy magazine series. The series served as a successor to the previous television show, MAD TV which aired on Comedy Central.

MAD satirized and parodied child-friendly pop-culture of its era, such as The Legend of Korra, Ben 10, early Marvel Cinematic Universe films and of course, My Little Pony. Notably, a few of the actors who appeared in MAD also portrayed characters in My Little Pony, such as Tara Strong and Kath Soucie.


My Little Warhorse

Pinkie Pie convincing Twilight that Unicorns and other ponies should not be enemies in the Great War

Pinkie Pie, a British pony gets drafted into World War I alongside Rainbow Dash and Applejack. During her military training, she gets instructed by sergeant Fluttershy though Pinkie Pie doesn't want to fight any other ponies. Now in France, she and Rainbow Dash prepare to fight off the Unicorns though Pinkie Pie instead baked them a cake that says "Yay Friendship" and didn't want to fight, but in the chaos, she accidentally fell in her cake, rearranging the words to say "Yay Bronies" instead.

Meanwhile, her owner in Britain decided to walk all the way through the Ocean to France to save Pinkie Pie and enlisted the help of Tintin.

During the battle, Pinkie comes across Twilight Sparkle who nearly killed Rainbow Dash in a battle. Pinkie Pie momentarily joined Twilight's side out of confusion and remarked that they shouldn't fight since they all look like. After this, Pinkie Pie's owner and Tintin come to save them, only to find that they already befriended each other.

Cowboys and Equestrians

Eh, not the first time a human kissed a pony

A Cowboy ends up with the Omnitrix from Ben 10 and ends up killing a local sheriff as to not be suspicious of copyright infringement. After he gets in town, he gets accosted by Harrison Ford and other cowboys until they realize he's wearing a My Little Pony bracelet which summons ponies that "don't" look like ponies to storm the town, destroying whatever they can. Afterwards, his silly bands begin to glow and vaporize a woman who turns out wasn't even a human but took that form so the cowboy would like her. They kiss and she reveals her true self, a pony named Applejack (notably not looking anything like Applejack).

The couple then get abducted by the director of the movie they're in who has been kidnapping writers to make the script better, eventually kidnapping Iron Man. The skit ends when Alfred, the mascot of MAD writes an awful script that the director deems "perfect".

The Adjustment Burro


A movie parody where Twilight Sparkle somehow ends up in the Hundred Acre Wood and meets Eeyore, who quickly falls in love with the mare, telling his friends that she makes him really happy. However, the masters of his universe, a group of Donkeys tell Eeyore that they weren't supposed to meet and they can't be together. Not wanting to be sad anymore, Eeyore tells Twilight of the Donkeys and the two start a fight against their overlords so they can be happy and free.

Rainbow Dash and Bernstein

A boy named Wyatt goes to Build a Bestie Workshop (a parody of Build a Bear) and decides to make the manliest and most "broest" bestie and ends up creating Rainbow Dash. Trying to bond with Wyatt, Rainbow Dash tries to show him how to be a 'Brony' and takes him to a Brony convention

My Little Pwny

A trailer for a fake TV show where the Mane Six and presumably other ponies go around and 'pwn' little kids, usually by harrassing them, hurting them or destroying their toys.

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