Ranma Saotome

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Ranma Saotome is both a male and a female martial artists.

Fluttershy appears to be a huge fan of his anime.

Behind the scenes

Ranma Saotome originates from the 1987 anime-manga franchise, Ranma 1/2 that starred the eponymous Ranma. The series was a romantic-adventure series with strong emphasis on martial arts and gag comedy.

Three of Ranma's English voice actors, Richard Ian Cox, Brigitta Dau and Venus Terzo have done work for My Little Pony, with Cox still being involved as the voice actor for Snails while Terzo portrayed Patch, Rainbow Dash and Sparkleworks and Dau just portrayed Patch.

In fact, quite a few voice actors from the Ranma franchise appear in My Little Pony works. Aside from the aforementioned Cox and Terzo, Cathy Weseluck, Kathleen Barr, Scott McNeil, Terry Klassen and Nicole Oliver have all voiced characters in the shows English dub.


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